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Your Book in Your Own Words, Captured in Phone Interviews

Have you thought about writing a book but don't have the time or patience to write or type it? There is an easier way. As a ghostwriter, working behind the scenes, I will interview you on the phone and then use verbatim transcripts of our recorded conference calls to write your book.

I will add article or book excerpts, case studies, statistics, quotes and any other background material you request. It will be practically effortless for you to write your legacy book or business memoir.

As an experienced editor for Amazon.com's publishing company, CreateSpace, I will edit your manuscript in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style, which all publishers use. I also will coordinate the design of your book's cover and interior with graphic designers and will coordinate the publishing of your print books and e-book. Whether you use an offset printing company, print on demand or CreateSpace, I will work with you and the publisher during every step of the process.

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Business Ghostwriting Service