Why Write a Book?

1.  A book positions you as the expert in your field. Your book is a testament to your passion for,
     commitment to and talent in your area(s) of specialty.

2.  It chronicles your legacy. If you are planning to retire in a few years and wish all your career
     lessons were compiled in one place for others to learn from, a book is the ideal venue.

3.  It educates your prospects, clients, colleagues and those you lead. Whether you run a financial
     services practice and want to educate clients or you manage a firm or agency and want to explain
     your successful concepts, processes and systems to agents and advisors in detail, your book will
     provide valuable insight.

4.  You can repurpose the content. Our graphic designer can create a separate .pdf for each chapter
     of your book, and you can offer these chapters as white papers on your website or email them to
     people who have questions about the specific topics the chapters cover.
Libbye A. Morris
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