Why Write a Book, and Why Choose Me?

1.  A book chronicles your legacy. If you wish all your hard-earned life and career lessons were 
     chronicled in one place, a book will provide you with a printed keepsake to give away.
2.  It positions you as the expert in your field. Your book is a testament to your passion for, 
     commitment to and talent in your area(s) of specialty.
3.  It educates your prospects, clients, colleagues, those you lead and everyone else. A book will
     tell your story, whether your goal is to educate people or describe how you are making the world a 
     better place. 
4.  You can repurpose the content. My graphic design team can create a separate .pdf for each
     chapter of your book and redesign it slightly. You can offer the chapters as white papers on your 
     website, post them on social media and email them to people who need guidance on specific topics.

A full-time freelance writer, I have 25+ years of professional writing and editing experience, plus bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism. I have been a manuscript editor for several large publishing companies. My passion is making it easy for people to share their legacies in written form.
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